6 Inch Silver Round Cake Board

Item No: T6SR6B

Product name: Round Cake Board, Silver Corrugated with Premium Wrapped Edges 

Size available: 6 Inch to 24 Inch

Thickness Available: 6mm

Feature: Wrapped edges by foil embossed, have a white back or not (it's your decision)

Material: Corrugated Board

Packaging: 6pcs in shrink wrap

The strong single wall corrugated cake boards can sustain weights. At 6mm thick they are strong enough, reliable and easy to stack and store. It's a perfect tool for your different kinds sweet and cakes.

The edges of this corrugated silver cake round are rounded-off smooth and protected.

Without a white back~

The grease and moisture-resistant material continues over the edges, providing a finished look. Your cake boards will not only look good, but frosting and crumbs won't be finding their way into the two layers of corrugated material that stiffens the cake board.

A good example photo to show you this perfect silver cake board!!!